Monday, 13 July 2015

Look Both Ways ( 2005 )

" Never ever worry, you feel that things really hard...the fellah tell him Never ever worry, you feel that you suffering bad...yes, he told him Never ever worry, what I’m saying is true Presently you could see, somebody suffering more than you. "

The end credits for this beautiful film roll with this song(lyrics above)--it's a very beautiful and positive film about a sensitive subject matter: Facing grief, facing death, facing alienation in life. There are four-five people who get connected to each other after a train wreck in this story. The story portrays how they deal with it--the story gets much better after interval and it becomes absolutely stunningly positive as it reaches towards the climax. The depth of performances keeps you hooked throughout. The animations used for comic portrayal of anticipation of death or disaster feels very real--it's very intelligent and adds flavors to the film.

It might be hard to understand how somebody might be suffering more than us. Is it possible that someone is more worried than me? What about the most worried person on earth? Well, I used to wonder about such life-affirming quotes but I feel I understand now. The reality of life on earth is not static as I used to feel in my younger days. It's a constant flux--so this moment you might be the most worried person--suffering from the greatest agony possible but as soon as you reflect on this positive quote that there might be someone more worried--suffering more than you--but carrying themselves away with faith in life--you might be right because it's a state of flux. Only thing which is constant is the change.

This is true about many things like expertise in a subject or about beauty or even about wealth you've. You can't stay the way you're for very long. Remembering the change keeps you humble and sane. Hats-off to Sarah Watt and other artists in this film. This is a beautiful film which I highly recommend to everyone.  

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