Sunday, 12 July 2015

Yogi and Bhogi

The dynamo of energy works in mysterious ways. It's a superpower. The Yogi burns and has to bear acute pain but he's free from diseases and the Bhogi enjoys but later suffers from diseases and distress.

Food suppresses the mystic fire for a while but it's not the way. It's the way of the Bhogi. The water also can carry vibrations but they eventually overcome and start burning brighter. Water is the mysterious element which can carry the fire inside it. It's mysterious and it makes the healer intuitive because it runs deep.

Fire inspires and purifies and water guides and heals. Subtler than both of them is Shabd. The logos-the word of God is the highest power in the manifested world. It's the messenger of God. The Word gives fuel to the fire. The water carries the fire. The water carries both the word and fire inside because it's gross. The Earth is the grossest of all elements and it carries all of them--Shabd, Fire and Water inside.

The middle way is the way of Tao. Tao is harmony. Tao is acceptance. Acceptance and surrender are not inert but very alert. They endow with peace.